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Gaming ramblings

Nyx's view on different games

Hi peepz, I'd like to start out by saying thanks for all the support with my streaming so far, I know Stardew valley quickly gets boring but you stuck around, even when I yesterday turned the stream into a dissaster because I decided to attempt to lower the nearly 1 minute latency the stream had.

Especially thanks to @Ivangelium and @Dimdreamer for sticking with me trough quality testing while I tried to salvage the chaos I had created.

with that said

I hit my 25 followers milestone,
yeah I know that doesn't sound like much but it symbolizes a start to me <3

My next stream will be up on wednesday, see info here
I plan on having my calendar up to date with all events I arange which include both my gaming events and my streaming, everyone is free to participate in the gaming events.
Hi there, I've just spent a bit of time getting my overlay and stuff back up and working, now is the question, what would you like to see me stream <3
I will work on getting all my streaming times (atleast planned ones plopped into the calender you find under events ) unfortunately though will I at least in the beginning be streaming without Webcam so there is that, but I might eventually add one, but I want to build my channel up without one in the beginning simply to avoid the largest margin of creeps.

I will probably pick something random out myself in the beginning, but I'm open to suggestions ^_^
Stardew Valley was so nicely gifted to me by @TheBrokenOne thanks for that
so I guess Stardew it is


Hope you all will Enjoy <3

EDIT: OH DERP I TOTALLY FORGOT .... https://www.twitch.tv/phantomofnyx
Here is my twitch channel :D

Hi there, I've been asked a bit recently if I quit gw2, and the answer is a clear no.
I've been incredibly busy recently with the damn thing called IRL.

It's kinda been a mix between the moving to a new apartment, and being sick and stuff
(I ranted a bit about that in my other article) but I've essentially been hit really hard this winter, my immune defense didn't take very kindly to the shift in weather unfortunately.

Now with that out of the way, and my pc setup in the new apartment what is my plans for continuing on with guildwars ?

Here is a couple of Facts to clear some stuff up.

  • I'm not quitting Gw2, I've decided a while ago that gw2 will be my MMO for quite a bit into the future, it's currently at a place I'm happy with, by no way perfect but still.
  • Atm will my focus be on getting my PvP wings (they are amazing <3)
  • GUILD STUFF!, lets get the events kicked off the ground and it shall be GLORIOUS
..... Streaming?
Yes you heard right I will start to stream sometime in the near future once I've gotten the guild events structured, and everything in gw2 is at it's place.

However most likely will I not stream Gw2, I'll keep that as my personal game I will enjoy on my own time with the guildies, but it does mean I will start structuring my time as to when I'll be online on gw2 and other stuff, or rather I'll most likely be on gw2 when I'm not doing other stuff and I'll of course work it out so it won't interfere with guild events <3

Now back to gw2, I do plan to use the group called "Claws And Paws" on this site for the upcoming events, and the first I have in mind is a JP, to shake people together, I apologize to you PvPers I'll get to you later, also I would like all members to post in the group what type of playstyle they prefer in a small forum post I'll create for the occasion so back to that later.
Hi there, I had a completely wonderfull evening consuming way more sushi than was healthy for me, it's pretty interesting how different running sushi places have very different Sushi.

Anyhow while talking did the subject of the new overwatch Animated series come up while discussing movies.


And we kinda ended up discussing what we thought of the new Overwatch animated series would end out being like quality wise.
And again personally have I always found blizzard animations top quality, but it will be interesting to see how they will fare with something that's a bit longer than what they usually do, but I don't doubt blizzard will throw some adorable stories out there with alot of personality

If you've joined our OverWatch group (Here)
would you have noticed @Gummy Puppy added a nice little video trailer of the new Overwatch Animated series, and I myself have put the release date of the overwatch game in the calendar people interested can sign up to join for a small launch event <3

EDIT!: the first small short film is now out, and it's super adorable I'll have a link to the 8minute long short film centered around Winston in the Overwatch group.

Don't Miss out <3

Hi there, some of you might have heard about the MMO that released last year named WildStar
(very unfortunate timing for it's release though)

The game pretty much died out though, which is truely a shame because I'll still insist on it being one of the best MMO's I've ever played, I personally had to stop playing due to real life issues, but It's pretty funny if you ask 90% of the players why they quit would their answer actually be something around the lines of "Real life issues" or I actually don't know.

and I know I start sounding silly now, but I actually dreamt about the damn game a couple of days ago, for some odd reason, and the game kept being stuck in my head all day, I honestly can't remember what the dream was about but It was enough to get the name to the top of my mind, and I ended up giving in to curiosity, I downloaded the game to immediately panic

<_< I honestly thought all my characters was gone, but upon waiting a little did they pop up

WildStar Login (open)

I did however have to rename both my characters, and I quite honestly logged into a wasteland, while spending probably 2 hours did I only come across 6 or 7 people, hence I was seriously wondering how the game was still alive with so few players, but I soon learned that with free Server transfers had everyone migrated away from the PvP server I was playing on and into ( I'm european) the PvE server named Jabbit, I ofcourse bit the bullet and transfered my characters, and even though jabbit seems alot more populated did I still seem to have problems with queues, PvP queues especially seems to be unlimited.
(gave up after queueing for 90 minutes ), but while wondering what the future was for this game did I come across the most epic mount in history

Show Spoiler

and being the cat lover I am, did I ofcourse stalk the person from one end of Nexus to the other just to hear how he had gotten it ( Yes I know I'll die an old cat lady some day DON'T JUDGE!)

and this is where the coin hit the ground, it's a promotional item for buying
"PHYSICAL Copies of the game"
in relation to their Mystery box promotion

if you think a bit deeper into this and read between the lines, this is not given for buying the game it's...
== Pause Infinite Scrolling ==
>> Resume Infinite Scrolling <<