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News and Anoucements

News and Anoucements

Hi there, just got around to fixing a majority of the issues with the site, I've honestly not really had much of a clue what to do with the site seeing I felt it wasn't being used.

I do know activity takes time to build I'm not dumb, but sometimes stuff can feel like no matter how much you bang your head against the wall it won't get you anywhere.
Especially seeing that everything I seem to attempt get shot down immediately, the doctor wanted me to attempt Montelukast again and just like last time did I lose my voice within 8 hours of starting on the drug, which truly sucks, It's going up and down gets better around the time I need to take the medicine again and then all downhill from there, rinse and repeat not much I can do else than wait it out .... SO FLUFF asthma <3

With the negative stuff out of the way will I say I've been digging into Ben Tristems Unity game development course, and I got myself a lifetime membership to all his courses, and plopped them into my calendar so I try to do a bit each day, I might upload some of my small projects here on the site in case anyone are interested.
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I might also throw a few updates regarding the courses.

also setup the Activity calendar called "Todoist" which I currently given a 1 year license in the humble gamedev bundle
Hopefully that can help me stop slacking a tiny bit.

I'll leave you all with a picture of me and my cousin taken at Christmas <3
Hi peepz, I'd like to start out by saying thanks for all the support with my streaming so far, I know Stardew valley quickly gets boring but you stuck around, even when I yesterday turned the stream into a dissaster because I decided to attempt to lower the nearly 1 minute latency the stream had.

Especially thanks to @Ivangelium and @Dimdreamer for sticking with me trough quality testing while I tried to salvage the chaos I had created.

with that said

I hit my 25 followers milestone,
yeah I know that doesn't sound like much but it symbolizes a start to me <3

My next stream will be up on wednesday, see info here
I plan on having my calendar up to date with all events I arange which include both my gaming events and my streaming, everyone is free to participate in the gaming events.
Hi there, I've just spent a bit of time getting my overlay and stuff back up and working, now is the question, what would you like to see me stream <3
I will work on getting all my streaming times (atleast planned ones plopped into the calender you find under events ) unfortunately though will I at least in the beginning be streaming without Webcam so there is that, but I might eventually add one, but I want to build my channel up without one in the beginning simply to avoid the largest margin of creeps.

I will probably pick something random out myself in the beginning, but I'm open to suggestions ^_^
Stardew Valley was so nicely gifted to me by @TheBrokenOne thanks for that
so I guess Stardew it is


Hope you all will Enjoy <3

EDIT: OH DERP I TOTALLY FORGOT .... https://www.twitch.tv/phantomofnyx
Here is my twitch channel :D
Hi there, as you might have noticed have everything between march 2015 and today dissapeared, I'm incredibly sorry about that, I think you can remember I mentioned a friend of mine offered to host Nyxsnest.com on his server, 2-3 days ago did his harddisk fry, and I was certain he took backups which was my own mistake, apparently he didn't so there is no way to retrieve what is lost, the website have been restored from an old backup i had lying around, and should be mostly functional already, I might spend the next couple of days on tweaking it here and there though.

thanks for your patience with me, pretty much everything is going against me atm to a degree I can't even start to explain, but I'm doing my best and I'm incredibly grateful for all the support.

I should probably mention that another really good friend of mine helped me out this time, and the website is now located on a much stronger server so expect better load times and more stability <3

Hi there, this admittedly haven't been an easy decision.
I keep wanting to go down and blog in a subsection, but seeing the direction I want to take this site in doesn't include a dead frontpage will you guys get everything from me on the frontpage, and NOT in the blog subsection,

I've however added this small feature
Where you can filter my frontpage blogs by tags, so in short if there is a subject I'm blogging about you don't want to see can you always hide it from view and with that in place will I beginning Next Monday (the 18th)
Starting with 2 Active blog categories, Slice of Life, which will be updated on a weekly basis, and My Journey into Japanese. Which will be updated on a daily basis, I'll put 1 hour of effort into it each day​

and keep you guys updated with what I've done and a rough estimate what I feel like I've achieved.
don't hesitate to post comments and leave feedback to any of my posts ^_^

Hi everyone, you might have noticed things keeps moving around, but don't worry you're in good hands I have trustworthy helpers, which consist of @Skye
who have just been promoted to Moderator, she will be helping me with general moderation stuff and making sure everyone behaves, so take good care of her

and my mental helpers who runs around in my head giving me advice

basically what I'm trying to say is that things will be moving around a lot during the next couple of days, but hopefully the end result will be worth it.
If there is something you can't find or you have suggestions don't hesitate to contact me.

With Love
Hello everyone I'd like to thank you very much for all of your patience.
i'm happy to announce our comeback on a new website.

I hope everyone will enjoy it if there is anything, submit a bug report or contact me
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