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Hi there, just got around to fixing a majority of the issues with the site, I've honestly not really had much of a clue what to do with the site seeing I felt it wasn't being used.

I do know activity takes time to build I'm not dumb, but sometimes stuff can feel like no matter how much you bang your head against the wall it won't get you anywhere.
Especially seeing that everything I seem to attempt get shot down immediately, the doctor wanted me to attempt Montelukast again and just like last time did I lose my voice within 8 hours of starting on the drug, which truly sucks, It's going up and down gets better around the time I need to take the medicine again and then all downhill from there, rinse and repeat not much I can do else than wait it out .... SO FLUFF asthma <3

With the negative stuff out of the way will I say I've been digging into Ben Tristems Unity game development course, and I got myself a lifetime membership to all his courses, and plopped them into my calendar so I try to do a bit each day, I might upload some of my small projects here on the site in case anyone are interested.
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I might also throw a few updates regarding the courses.

also setup the Activity calendar called "Todoist" which I currently given a 1 year license in the humble gamedev bundle
Hopefully that can help me stop slacking a tiny bit.

I'll leave you all with a picture of me and my cousin taken at Christmas <3
So I was pretty hesitant to write this article because the news from the hospital about their decision won't reach me before some time next week.

First of all, I had a super trip, although long, but Puppy's family were super sweet, and luckily did none of his family members seem to instantly hate me which is always nice, and especially his smallest brother Aka the birthday kid was super exited about my cat headphones and I even let him take a picture of it, apparently some of the girls he knew really wanted them and ofcourse did he have to show off given the chance.
I got a bit tired at the end of birthday party which was held the day after we arrived and actually had to bail out on the Dessert YES dessert, who in their right mind bail on cake ._.

That really shows that I didn't feel too well, the next day however kinda consisted of rushing and traveling, puppy had mistaken the time and we rushed out the door to get the train and I only had to use my astma inhaler a million times to prevent myself from dying.

but we got there in good time actually, and we wandered a bit around before having to go to the hospital, surprisingly MC donnald's milkshake tastes amazing, we ended up buying two milkshakes and just walking to the hospital instead of catching a bus, the walk was nice but oh dear lord I was tired afterward.

after we arrived did we sit in the waiting room for approx 15min before we were called in and the über doctor or whatever you call the head of the other doctors seemed really nice and was inclined to actually start doing something ( finally ) unless my assigned doctor had anything to say against it which I really don't hope, it have kinda been dragging out for too long already.

in any case will I get the news next week and I really have absolutely no clue what kinda news I'll get I'll try to be optimistic but yeah <_< I tend to not get too exited because that will only let me down

So what will the answer be ? ..... Wish me luck <3
Hi there, I'm in no way slacking our healthcare system right now, but that being said, seeing that they aren't paid by us but rather by a quote from the government, can stuff sometimes go into (I'm guessing) more a question of filling the quotas than taking proper care of your patients.

I've had 3 different doctors through the last couple of years, and all of them have been sweet, nothing is wrong there, but I've also been to them alot of times Mainly due to breathing issues, and I'm always told "You're just breathing wrong" <_<

Honestly as a side-note, I don't think that should be a doctors first assessment, but that being said even around 3 weeks back did I come to the doctor wheezing and I could just not breathe ( rather I had a extremely hard time doing so ) I was literally giving weird noises every time I tried to get air, and the doctor just looked at me for 3 minutes, told me I had an influenza and to go home and lie down because there was nothing she could do, I eventually got trough it and it got better.

but now skip a couple of weeks forward and it returned with a vengeance , apparently had I gotten a virus on my lungs which in itself isn't that bad a thing, but mix it with astma and it's suddenly nothing fun, but after calling an doctor to my new apartment ( I just moved ) was I immediately transferred to the hospital, it should be noted I moved to a new town with new doctors and such.


This was in no way a fun experience and the doctors couldn't believe I hadn't been diagnosed with Astma, which would make alot of sense, I was released later same day with a bunch of Astma medicine and I'll be honest, it did wonders and I haven't had issues since ( it's only been a week, but still) I went from barely even being able to breathe with alot of fighting to "normal" breath in a day, If Just the doctors where I lived before had acted would had saved me alot of "pain" not being able to breathe is a really disgusting feeling to be honest.

that being said, what I kinda wanted to highlight is, I actually did get my treatment but it have taken waaay too long, kinda, It never happened in my old city but took exactly 1 day after I moved, so I dunno if it's good or bad, I guess just be aware if you live a bit outsides that the doctors might not be bothering as much as if you had lived in a city.

Sorry for this awfull read but I just felt like I wanted to share my experience
The Danish medical system does work, but it's not...
Hi everyone, I'm finally back, and I HAZ internetz <3

I'm sorry about the long, ..... LOOONG..... LOOOONG time without any news or anything, but my life being stress full doesn't even catch it.

Now for starters, I just moved, and my small gaming nest is still work in progress but I thought I'd share a bit of it with you.




It's still work in progress but it's definitely turning into something amazing.
Small plans is to get back to streaming as well, as soon I get my GuildWars2 guild, 200% back up on it's feet.

More information to come soon <3
Hi there, as you might have noticed have everything between march 2015 and today dissapeared, I'm incredibly sorry about that, I think you can remember I mentioned a friend of mine offered to host Nyxsnest.com on his server, 2-3 days ago did his harddisk fry, and I was certain he took backups which was my own mistake, apparently he didn't so there is no way to retrieve what is lost, the website have been restored from an old backup i had lying around, and should be mostly functional already, I might spend the next couple of days on tweaking it here and there though.

thanks for your patience with me, pretty much everything is going against me atm to a degree I can't even start to explain, but I'm doing my best and I'm incredibly grateful for all the support.

I should probably mention that another really good friend of mine helped me out this time, and the website is now located on a much stronger server so expect better load times and more stability <3

Hi there, I've kinda been postponing writing this, I didn't meet my Scheduled "Daily Japanese posts"
which I were supposed to have had written almost 10 days ago.

But instead of the silence, might I just as well be transparent about my problems.
I was ABSOLUTELY miserable last week, and that's not any sort of understatement, the Day before the scheduled post did I gather the resources and got them ready for starting the introduction post for the newly born "My Journey into Japanese" however for one reason or another did I get delayed for that one day, I admittedly can't remember what held me up, but I remember thinking I'll write it after I get back from the hospital tomorrow.....

Baaaad idea, VERY VERY VERY bad idea, Let me summarize how that day went, I got up 3.30AM my train were going 5am, and a supposed 5-6 hour train ride, not that fun, but at least manageable.

And the day couldn't have started any better I got the train station in time, and just as I got there did I receive a message from the train company "DSB" that my train had been cancelled with a link to later departures, which didn't fit me, so I hurried home and tried to figure out if I could do anything.

a site note here is I live approximately 5 Km from the train station, so I ran all the way back home, and couldn't come up with a solution and returned to the train station and got there around 6am, at this point were I already a complete mess, and admittedly not a Very happy kitten.

I got the hold in a cleaning guy, who nicely informed me, they had delivered TAXIS to drive you to your destination while I had gone home ( I was not informed of this in any way )

but he would explain my situation to the train ticket guy, and so he did and I stood around there until 7.50 am, I finally got into the train and the trip there was relatively painless, except I sat on a very uncomfortable seat, well I'm not exactly full of money so I've bought a "Klapsæde billet" which basically translates into, sit in between the cabins in front of the toilet, and enjoy every passenger poop, but hey, I saved 50% on the ticket so I can't complain to much, but this as the added addition of everything going wrong earlier did not help my mood.

Now skip forward to around 12.43 I finally arrived at my destination, and I had 17 minutes to get to where I was supposed to be, I did manage it in time but at this point did I pretty much just have the urge to sit down and cry, I were sleep...
Hi there, this admittedly haven't been an easy decision.
I keep wanting to go down and blog in a subsection, but seeing the direction I want to take this site in doesn't include a dead frontpage will you guys get everything from me on the frontpage, and NOT in the blog subsection,

I've however added this small feature
Where you can filter my frontpage blogs by tags, so in short if there is a subject I'm blogging about you don't want to see can you always hide it from view and with that in place will I beginning Next Monday (the 18th)
Starting with 2 Active blog categories, Slice of Life, which will be updated on a weekly basis, and My Journey into Japanese. Which will be updated on a daily basis, I'll put 1 hour of effort into it each day​

and keep you guys updated with what I've done and a rough estimate what I feel like I've achieved.
don't hesitate to post comments and leave feedback to any of my posts ^_^

Hi everyone, I appologize for the silence during the last week or so, this will just be a small update, I've not felt too well recently.
Regarding the hospital was I nicely informed the Queue for treatment is pretty much a year long which really sent my mood down into the deepest pits of hell.
and it's supposedly due to the medical reform which launched a while back.
(I'm not a happy kitten)

Now what have I been doing, Yeah I've been putting a hand on the mobile version of Nyx's nest and the Event section should now be viewable on mobiles even in vertical mode

(the website still does better in horizontal though)

beside that in those hours I haven't been sleeping have I gone back to guildwars 2, although I enjoy wildstar will that have to wait to I get home to my desktop, but this laptop I've borrowed from my friend runs guildwars2 just fine and it was preinstalled, so why not?

Started leveling my guardian, and I'm quite enjoying myself so far.
I've quite often given guildwars alot of slack for lost potential and I really thought they dropped the ball on the floor with some updates, but starting a new character will I have to admit there is alot of positive improvements since I leveled my first character.
I'm currently around lvl 35, and plan on hitting 80 WAAAY before the expansion hits, so I'm still trying to determine if I should make the guardian my new main for PvE content.

I still do "try" to take my daily missions in Heart of the storm, which I will probably throw a thread in the gaming section, about bit later, I got a couple of loose beta keys for the game so why not hold minor event in that game for anyone interested?

Now for the good news, seeing my tablet, have just been sent for repairs for the 4th time will I be given a refund, in store credit, it will amount to approximately 8000-9000 Danish Krones

and I'll need something else, to use as my carry around PC, I found a very lovely small laptop with a Gt 840m graphics processor ( quite impressive for it's size) but then again, I'm kinda split between that and a Macbook Pro (13inches) for 10.000 the ability to run Windows, Linux and MacOS seemlessly beside each other really intrigues me

so here is my question with around 10.000kr ( 1350 euro )
what would you get?

-Site note It needs to be purchasable in Fona.dk (you can use google translate for the website)

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