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Birthday at Puppy's little brother and Visit to the Hospital

Discussion in 'Nyx's Corner' started by Nyx, March 31, 2016.

By Nyx on March 31, 2016 at 9:37 PM
  1. Nyx

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    August 20, 2013
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    So I was pretty hesitant to write this article because the news from the hospital about their decision won't reach me before some time next week.

    First of all, I had a super trip, although long, but Puppy's family were super sweet, and luckily did none of his family members seem to instantly hate me which is always nice, and especially his smallest brother Aka the birthday kid was super exited about my cat headphones and I even let him take a picture of it, apparently some of the girls he knew really wanted them and ofcourse did he have to show off given the chance.
    I got a bit tired at the end of birthday party which was held the day after we arrived and actually had to bail out on the Dessert YES dessert, who in their right mind bail on cake ._.

    That really shows that I didn't feel too well, the next day however kinda consisted of rushing and traveling, puppy had mistaken the time and we rushed out the door to get the train and I only had to use my astma inhaler a million times to prevent myself from dying.

    but we got there in good time actually, and we wandered a bit around before having to go to the hospital, surprisingly MC donnald's milkshake tastes amazing, we ended up buying two milkshakes and just walking to the hospital instead of catching a bus, the walk was nice but oh dear lord I was tired afterward.

    after we arrived did we sit in the waiting room for approx 15min before we were called in and the über doctor or whatever you call the head of the other doctors seemed really nice and was inclined to actually start doing something ( finally ) unless my assigned doctor had anything to say against it which I really don't hope, it have kinda been dragging out for too long already.

    in any case will I get the news next week and I really have absolutely no clue what kinda news I'll get I'll try to be optimistic but yeah <_< I tend to not get too exited because that will only let me down

    So what will the answer be ? ..... Wish me luck <3


Discussion in 'Nyx's Corner' started by Nyx, March 31, 2016.

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