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[Mar 30, 2016] Borderlands 2 streaming. (Streaming)

Discussion in 'Nyx's Events' started by Nyx, March 28, 2016.

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Borderlands 2 streaming.
Confirmed Attendees: 1
Posted By: Nyx
Start Date: Mar 30, 2016 07:00 PM
End Date: Mar 30, 2016 11:00 PM
Time Zone: Europe/Amsterdam +02:00 CEST
The following users have RSVP'd "Yes": 1
  1. Nyx

    Nyx Über Kitty Staff Member

    August 20, 2013
    +38 / 2 / -0
    Admin Post

    Hi there, I'll be streaming a bit of borderlands today, I hope you will enjoy.
    I've considdered streaming the division if there is any interest for it but as for now borderlands 2 it will be, Join me for the carnage and chaos that might insue <3

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